Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tot School - Letter E (2 weeks)

Olivia is 32.5 mths old

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We had GREAT weather the first "E" week and spent most of it outside, so we stretched "E" week to 2 weeks.

Did a peek at the Typical Course of Study through World Book and checked what Olivia "needs" to know to "complete" Pre-K. Here's what we've got to work on...

-Matches shaped or objects based on size
Counts objects in one-to-one correspondence (counts to 20 fine, but needs work on the 1:1)
Completes incomplete sentence with proper word (really never tried this)
Prints own first name (currently working on tracing it)
Understands over (on) and under
Understands top, bottom, middle
Knows age and birthday (we've got age down, working on birthday)
Repeats a sequence of orally given numbers (if they're in order, sure. We're working on mixed up numbers)
Is able to stand on one foot for 5-10 seconds
Pastes objects (just starting on this)
Able to button a garment
Able to zip a zipper (she's working on this one)
Cuts simple shapes
Handles scissors well (just started with scissors)
Takes care of toilet needs independently (working on this spring)
Crosses residential street safely (working on it)
Knows home address (working on it)
Knows home phone number (next to work on after address)

Sorting colors

What happens with she gets into her sisters glitter lol

She was happy to identify letters I made with playdoh, but no interest in trying to make her own

Showing Daddy StarFall

Putting more work into teaching her that a big E and a little e are really the same letter!

She is very meticulous in her tower building. She'll even tell you "Shhh! Have to be CAREFUL!"

Started doing cutting and gluing workbooks with her this week. Cutting was (not surprisingly) a lot harder than gluing.

She love the gluing though. I told her to make the fishies hide (turn over) before gluing them and she thought that was great. I think we'll focus on gluing for a little while before trying cutting again.

She just loves these dot stickers!

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