Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Have a Fear of Play Doh

I was reading a blog post at The Usual Mayhem about how great Play Doh is. And I agree! Play Doh is the first thing Olivia and I pull out when we visit her brother.

Play Doh in my house though? NO WAY! My old excuse was it gets smeared into the carpet.

Then we ripped out the carpet in the living room. But oh! We have kids and they drag their toys around and there's still carpeting upstairs! Yes! That's a great excuse!

Then we moved to our new house. Which has ZERO carpeting anywhere.


Ok, so I hate Play Doh. Maybe it's my OCD. I can't stand Play Doh being left out to dry. I can't stand the colors being mixed, never to be separated again, eventually turning into a putrid grayish purple that no one wants to play with. I'd rather tubes of loose glitter to Play Doh

Modelling clay? Not as bad. I allow Brianna to buy it. However, she keeps it in the basement other than to bring it up to show me her creations. Olivia, not surprisingly, finds it too hard to work with.

*Maybe* just maybe, I could buy a single color tub of Play Doh and keep it high up and only bring it down when it can be contained......


  1. Homemade playdough solves the color mixing problem. When it gets yucky, you can just toss it and make some more. Sometimes other moms have seem surprised that I allow playdough at my house. I've learned never to let other people's kids come over to use playdough here, that's when the horrible messes occur! My kids aren't too bad with it, and I just make sure they stay put when they're using it.

  2. play dough makes me vomitt when i see or smell it. i cant eat or drink around it. i once ate play dough and thats how it started. so yes, i am scared of play dough. when my bro or sis says they played with it at school, my tumy turns. ICK I HATE PLAYDOUGH!