Sunday, April 22, 2012

College for Homeschoolers

Even though we are still years away from college (even at the dual enrolment area), it's always a good idea for a homeschooler to start looking at their options.


St. Lawrence College is a wonderful local college in my town. They have great special events and work well with special needs whether they be dietary, mental or physical. The school is a smaller college that has smaller class sizes that will appeal to homeschoolers. Most teachers are on a first name basis with their students. For religious students there is a prayer room, regardless of the religion. There is a doctor on campus available to all students.

A sign outside the cafeteria

As specified on their website they do accept homeschoolers. From the site, on admissions requirements"St. Lawrence College evaluates applications from home-schooled students on an individual basis. Applicants should supply detailed information about the curriculum and the methodology used in acquiring the knowledge they have. Any standardized tests that have been taken should also be provided. The College may require further pre-admission testing."

Unfortunately the admissions office was unable to get back to me in time for this post, but they can be reached at (Cornwall) 613-933-6080, press 1 or 1-800-463-0752 (Kingston/Brockville) for more information.

Waterview Homeschool recently sponsored a cart race for the school for my sisters class. Lots of great fun, but also counted toward the participants grades as they had to pitch marketing details to the "Dean's Den" and secure sponsorship and actually build a cart and compete in the race! This is the event highlighted in this post.

Building of the cart
Our driver, my mom in her "air bag" (bubble wrap suit)
One of the races that our team won
The whole team (minus myself and my sister's teacher, Carla), including the Dean (in the middle-back with the blue sweater)
Trophy my sister's team won for Sustainability

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  1. LOL! Love the hot pink bubble wrap suit :)

    ~> I could not agree more about thinking for the future. I am a college student myself (just went back yay!) I am amazed at all the young homeschool student who are so much smarter and more advanced than I am. This makes me so excited for my own children's education. Even thou my children are still in thier early years and we are still using an all in one type of curricula (Time4Learning) I know soon I will need to take more of personal role in making sure they are going to be ready for that day they get to start college. Thanks for reminding me that college is just around the corner :)