Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tot School - Letter F

Olivia is 32.5 mths

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Olivia wasn't too terribly interested in school work this week, which is perfectly ok by me. She does always love these sticker pages though

I found some free Easter printables at A to Z Teacher Stuff
The number tracing above she was kinda hum ho about, but she loved the gluing the number chicks. She had no interest in gluing them in order though

With her precious rice cake in hand (lol) she tried out Lucky Ducks with Brianna. She didn't get the concept too well but loved the quacking ducks. We also tried out Toopy and Binoo Memory, but the only thing she wanted to do with that was steal the cards lol

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  1. Wow your little one is good at tracing! I love how she put the number chicks in the wrong order - so cute!