Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wilderness Wednesday

Brianna did bird watching this week. She was thrilled to use my binoculars. Unfortunately no pics. Here's her report:

Crows - are black and they caw
Red Winged Black Birds - have red, yellow and black bodies
Purple Martins - have blue necks and black bodies
Seagulls - have white bodies with some gray
Robins - have orange tummies and black bodies (mom's note, more dark brown than black, but this was totally HER report)
Pigeons - have blue and gray spots

These are all common birds in our area, but Brianna loved being able to look at them "up close" whenever they landed. She's already asked (several times) to do bird watching with the binoculars again.

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  1. I was going to link up our adventures with toads this week, but notice you have been off the grid. Hope all is well!!

  2. Came back to link up. Are you using the June newsletter from "Handbook of Nature Study Blog"? It has a few nice bird notebooking pages included.