Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Homeschooling Flexibility

Today it was 34C (93F) with the humidex. Tomorrow and Thurs are supposed to hit 45C (113F). Needless to say, Brianna is living in our kiddie pool from about 9am til supper time. And right about now, I'm wishing it was bigger than about 3ft across so I could live in it with her!

On to homeschooling flexibility.... because of the heat, there's no way I can expect Brianna's brain to work when it's hot enough to fry an egg on the walkway (which Brianna is desperate to try!). So today we did school at 8pm while waiting for Olivia to go to sleep.

School still gets done, but at a time it'll actually get *done*


  1. Wow! That's hot! You could make a solar oven! LOL Take a pizza box, line it shiny side out with tin foil. Prop open the box in the sun so it reflects into the bottom. And cook up some S'more or English Muffin Pizzas! (We're going to try this when we reach 90s and it's STILL SUNNY.)


  2. That sounds like a cool experiment! I may have to dig around to find a good box :)

  3. I love the flexibility you are showing in your homeschooling. Isn't it wonderful to be able to do that? We have horribly hot and humid summers as well, and that is part of the reason we school year round. It is good to be in the air conditioning for the hottest part of our
    summers, and outside when spring and fall bring us much more agreeable weather. Found your blog through Secular Homeschool blogroll!
    Homeschooling 1 child for 4 years with Time4Learning!