Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

This was our third week on the new schedule. I'm quite impressed so far. Brianna has set herself into doing lots of work Mon-Wed and having light/off days on Thurs-Fri. As long as she gets the work for the week done I'm happy and she feels like she's sneaking time off. Win-win in my opinion!

Monday - Brianna finished her Gr. 2 math workbook. She has some final worksheets to do and the final review and we'll be able to move into Gr. 3! She's very excited.

We also implemented an idea given to us from Jessy over at Our Side of the Mountain. Brianna hates worksheets full of nothing but problems, but I think repetition for basic math (adding/subtracting/ect...) is important. Jessy said what she does with her daughter is have her do just the even problems and if she gets 85% or more she doesn't have to do the odds. Brianna likes this idea. She did get less than the 85% the first time cause she did her usual rush through. However, when she had to then complete the odd problems *because* she rushed through the evens, she got slowed down and took her time and got every single problem correct! Thanks Jessy!

Tuesday - We started another new book that I picked up for over the summer work. It's a basic writing skills book to help her with writing things like letters, paragraphs, short stories, ect...

Wednesday - We're moving right along in her French book. She's still finding it quite easy. I think part of it is that it's a bilingual book. The questions are written in both French and English. As long as she answers them in French all is good. I think this is a bit of a "good easy" though to build back up her confidence in French. It was starting to be lacking by the end of our last all French book. Where as now she's laughing saying "I know this!"

Thursday - We discovered that there appears to be more to the Canadian Census unit than we thought. Apparently the work that you order through the mail is different from the pdf version available on the gov website. So now I'm kinda glad I've been lacking on posting about her "complete" Census unit. I asked her if she wanted to do more Census work and you shoulda seen her jumping around lol This was a very good unit to have done as she's enjoyed it a LOT.

Otherwise, she had an off day as there was only a couple things left from her schedule and she wanted to do them Friday.

Friday - We did Rule #2 from Spell by Color. She again was trying to skip over reading instructions and just do what she thought she should do (a big problem here), but once I made her go over it again, she found all the words that went with the rules. Again, I'm really glad we started this over again!

She's really enjoying making things with this clay (which make mommy much happier than playdoh)

An interesting dude made of Q-tips
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  1. Looks like you had a great week. We do the same trick w/ math problems too. My son will even ask me which one today Mom even or odd. I love the Q-tip man. I found you on the Weekly Wrap Up. Great job this week.

    Lil' Momma
    Living with a hard working husband, 2 preschoolers and 1 middle schooler who are Five in Training for HIM