Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tot School - Week 4

Our Focus:
Review Week
- Letter A, B, C
- Number 1, 2, 3
- Color Red, Blue, Green
- Circle, Square, Triangle Shapes
Olivia is 22 mths 
 Our version of spooning lol She decided herself that she needed to scoop gravel into this bowl

She loves these sticker pages. Sometimes she really concentrates on trying to get the stickers in the circles, other times she just wants to sticker all over the page!

I think the A pages are her favorites cause they have apples on most of them and she's madly in love with apples.

This was more meant for a tracing/coloring page, but she had fun stickering the apples

LOL! "Eating" the cake on a C page

We found these great alphabet cookies and she has me name all the letters to her before she eats them. And she's been able to pick out A and B for me. She almost got M too, but she insisted the N was and M.

These are patterning cards that came with out bug set. She's doing pretty well at the simple ones, but usually after she puts a couple down in their places she starts just putting whatever colored bug where ever. And the orange and red bugs in this set are pretty close so I was pretty surprised when she picked out both orange bugs for this pattern

We introduced her to the Nemo color cards here. She picked out Pink, Purple and Yellow for me before she gathered them up and said bye-bye

She's still not too sure about these Thomas shape cards. She does love the Thomas trains on them though!

 Like the A for Apple, she loves the C pages cause most have cats on them

 This was a new amazing (to us at least) trick of hers. I bought some colored button magnets for her, however, they're small enough to slide under the fridge. So she grabbed the fly swatter and tried to fish them out! I know she's seen us grab things to get toys out from under the couch and such, but I was pretty surprised to see her think to grab a small thing to get under the fridge.

 More sticker pages

Concentrating closely on her C

I got my printables from:
Confessions of a Homeschooler
Printer Projects
Daycare Resource 

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  1. Love the alphabet cookie set ;-) There is nothing like a yummy learning ;-)
    Hugs from Poland


  2. Love how you used the stickers on the ABC pages. We usually use do-a-dot markers but we're going to have to try stickers for some variety.

    Just popping in from tot school.