Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wilderness Wednesday

Sorry for the late in the day post!

We didn't get outside much this week other than to jump in the kiddie pool cause it was so hot and humid. Over the weekend we saw a female ruby-throated humming bird in our garden. It actually stuck around for several minutes twittering around our bleeding heart, but I was to afraid of scaring it away to go grab the camera.

We did get some pics though!

This is a HUGE (over 2 inches) bug. Apparently it's a Giant Water Bug. I didn't think we grew bugs this big in Canada!

In the center of the pic is a little frog, but of course it hopped away too quickly for us to figure out what kind.
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  1. I didn't take ANY outside photos this week! LOL We went to the lake for swimming and playing with friends and to the wildlife park, but no photos! LOL So, I'm stopping by to comment only this week.


  2. That is a big bug! Hopefully, I will be back to link up with pictures- they are on my sister's camera. We have a banana slug and some white deer to share.

  3. Finally got some pics. I am hoping to get better ones of the white deer.

  4. Eeks! I didn't know we had bugs that big here either!