Friday, September 16, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up - 9/16/16

Monday was a day off for Daddy's birthday. We always take off family birthdays, but learning often still happens!

Brianna is loving getting back into CNN Student News. It teaches her current events and brings her around the world. It has serious stuff, and fun stuff (like Tuesday's llama jumping segment).

The beginning of fall has some great weather. Not too hot, not too cool and most of the humidity is gone. The girls took Poetry Tea Time onto the porch this week.

Brianna spend a lot of time this week busting her butt to hit her $500 fundraising goal for The Terry Fox Foundation. In the last 5 years she has raised almost $2000!

We have an outdoor cat who had kittens 5 weeks ago. Olivia is SUPER protective of them. She is a giant worry wart as they get bigger and more into exploring. Thankfully they love her and happy put up with her smothering.

I love freezer cooking. Brianna's helped me a few times, but it's always been "get me this" or "get me that". This time, I had her HELP. Figuring out what to make, what spices we needed, mixing (hamburger, by hand), forming hamburgers and meatballs. The whole shebang. She loved it! We made hamburgers, chili, meatloaf, sloppy joes, tator tot casserole, cheeseburger rice, sausage breakfast muffins and chocolate chip cookies.

In more "schooly" news, we finished up the Nervous System portion of our Biology course. Brianna chose to write about amnesia for her writing assignment. Olivia spent a lot of time poking and pinching herself to "send signals to her brain" so clearly that portion was well learned lol

Brianna had a bit of a meltdown over her French writing. She is a terrible speller, even in English, and Rosetta Stone won't mark the activity as complete unless you score 80% or more, which means in the writing portion, she has to spell at least 80% of the words correctly. I'm not sure how we will proceed in the next 4 years of the course. I WANT her to be completely fluent, including writing, but I don't want to make her hate it because she's a naturally poor speller.

See what Joshua did this week in my tot school post.

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  1. We're enjoying the cooler weather as well. Adorable kids and kittens!