Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Back to the Grind

Today was our first day of full schedule school after a summer of lighter schedule. We're trying a bunch of new things and re-starting a bunch of old things this year (see our Current Curriculum post, coming soon!) and the kids are pretty excited.

Another bit of excitement is that Joshua is also starting school this year! Over the summer, his speech blew up. He is still very behind for his age and will continue with speech therapy but there is actual words! I quickly discovered that a huge chunk of his words includes the whole alphabet, counting to 13 and starting to list off colors and shapes. Holy jumpin'! I guess we should start working with him!

The girls have joined Girl Guides of Canada this year. Olivia is in Brownies and Brianna is in Path Finders. Both girls are super excited to meet new friends and learn/play all sorts of new activities. I am excited because I used to be in Brownies and know how much fun they'll have!

We had loads of issues with Olivia this morning but this afternoon went off without a hitch and the first day of school is in the books! Let's hope I can get back into blogging more too!

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