Saturday, September 24, 2016

Tot School - Week 3

We got a new toy box, a simple wood chest with wicker drawers. Joshua has taken to cleaning up the living room several times a day. He even sorts the toys correctly for each drawer! I'm certainly not complaining!

His favorite thing this week has been shapes. He's loving any shape activities that I've pulled out for him and was even finding shapes in regular household items.

Look! Square!

Joshua's independence levels are growing. He very much wants to do it all himself. One of my favorites from this week was him grabbing a toy knife from our kitchen set, grabbing an apple out of the fridge and trying to cut it. When that didn't work, he grabbed a butter knife from the silverware drawer to try again. He wasn't too happy when I wouldn't let him use a steak knife lol

For the Fall Equinox we all did a bunch of fun fall activities. Joshua loved making this hand print tree. He was very unsure about me painting his hand but he loved smacking it on the wall and making a "biiiiig tree"

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