Thursday, September 22, 2016

I Have Failed as a Crunchy Mama

Crunchy Mama - mom of kids who breastfed and cloth diapered. Coconut oil everything. Garden full of veggies. Clothes on the clothes line. Lovingly home made, healthy meals. No chemical cleaners.....

You know the type. We all know at least one. The one you kinda roll your eyes at, sometimes. The one you have learned a couple things from.

I am a Crunchy Mama. I love line dried clothes. I homeschool. I love baking from scratch. Hell, my 5th child was a planned homebirth. I even disconnected our cable!

Until today that is...

As we speak, the cable guy is fiddling with wires to connect us to the world of cable again.

I miss hockey.

I missed watching the Olympics.

I miss watching the weather channel.

I'm tired of listening to 37 episodes of Paw Patrol in a row because Netflix is what lives in my house.

So we have cable again. The kids acted like I gave them a trip to Disneyland. Apparently they have been deprived.

Our new cable however, has Netflix integrated so I can still watch documentaries with the kids for school. So do I get to keep my crunchy card?

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