Thursday, September 15, 2016

Reading in 2016/2017

I recently posted our Current Curriculum but left out read alouds and individual reading. Why? A mix of "I forgot" and the fact that it changes so often.

Some things we read just cause we feel like it. Some things we read because I read them as a kid and thought they were fantastic and/or important books. Some thing we read because it ties with current interests.

Our reading plans for this year, in no particular order are:
-The Hunger Games series
-Little House on the Prairie series
-Black Beauty
-The Trumpet of the Swan
-The Family Under the Bridge
-Hatchet (and all the "Brian" books that go with it)
-Dear Austin
-The Incredible Journey
-Jim Ugly
-Little Women
-Alice in Wonderland
-The Sky is Falling

We are starting with The Family Under the Bridge for no other reason than we haven't done read alouds (other than science and history) in a while and it's a shorter book.

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