Friday, July 11, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

Brianna had science camp all week so school at home was almost none. She did dictate daily reports to me though on what they did. Some highlights:
- catching, tagging and releasing cutlip fish
- setting net traps for catching more fish to tag
- collecting water samples
- studying and identifying algae under a microscope
- catching and studying invertebrates
- learning lab safety
- comparing bacteria
- growing E. coli in Petri dishes
- catching turtles
- looking for a species of endangered turtle
- dissecting fish

Algae samples

On Tuesday, we took part in the last bridge walk before they tore down the historical international bridge in our city.

A view from the top!

 From the bridge walk, we collected a bunch of rocks and even a couple pieces of loose asphalt. Olivia decided to start stacking her bunch of rocks so that led into a conversation about inukshuks. We talked about why people built them and where and looked online to see some real ones. Olivia then built her own inukshuk.

Olivia did some more work with her ABC Mouse program (but it's been working wonky lately and very slow so she gets frustrated with it easily). She worked on her Pirate unit some more.

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