Friday, July 4, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - End of the Regular School Year

We school year round but we do move to a much lighter schedule in the summer. In part because Brianna has several activities (Park Leaders and swimming for example) but also, simply because it's summer! However, even our last few weeks of "regular" school are much slower. Partially because of just having a busy time this June, but also just because the weather's getting warmer and we want to be outside! So this weekly wrap up is a couple weeks

After a few months of refusing, I finally convinced her to write in her notebook. Here we worked on her name, drawing 4 shapes and writing our phone number
We did our Iceland country study.

Brianna moved into volume in math and pouted that the world wasn't full of little cubes (a la Minecraft?) to count. After spending 10 minutes whining about not being able to figure out volume without the cubes, she finally read the instructions and asked "is it really just area times the height?!?!?!" Insert mom giggling in a corner.

She finally finished her Gr. 5 Math Mammoth curriculum (as said in earlier posts, she repeated it due to not fully understanding and shoddy work ethic). I base our homeschool on Mastery, which we view as 80% or higher. Brianna got 74% on the curriculum's provided final test, but as the last time she got 51%, I passed her because of the fantastic improvement!

Olivia is more and more interested in time. She knows what the clock looks like for morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and supper, but doesn't really understand how that corresponds to "time". We're also working on the span of time - yesterday, today, tomorrow, ect...

Brianna occasionally joins me for my walks. This week we did a 3.5 mile walk and enjoyed some of the beautiful scenery in our city

Brianna did her final English essay as an argumentative essay on her bedtime. After explaining what she needed to do (on her choice of topic), she ran away with it. She did fantastic!

By the way, she won. Her bedtime was moved :)
Brianna loves Report Cards. I don't "issue" one at specific intervals, but I do generally at least provide her with one at the end of June, before we move into our summer schedule. Not surprisingly, she was very happy with this one!

Olivia chose to do Pirates for her next unit. We got some great printables from Homeschool Creations1+1+1=1Over The Big Moon and Homeschool Share.

She LOVED this pirate game I found

"Ps are eeeeeeeasy"

Olivia is not completely ready for the You Can Read program. She enjoys the work but doesn't seem to grasp the concept of remembering that this specific combination of letters = this specific word. No biggie. We'll give it another go in the fall. As she would only be going into Senior (or 5 year old) Kindergarten this September if she were in public school, I'm not at all worried about her "lack of reading".

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  1. I really love your report card! I might have to think about adding that to our little school.