Friday, July 11, 2014

Seaway International Bridge Walk

Cornwall is a city rich in history. It is over 200 years old, one of the older cities in Ontario with first major settlement in the 1780s. Parts of the War of 1812 happened here or near here. We have the Battle of Crysler's Farm just down the highway, along with Upper Canada Village near by.

A couple of the more recent highlights to Cornwall's history is the formation of the St. Lawrence Seaway (1959) and the building of the Seaway International Bridge (1962 for the North Channel Bridge, which is the one that leads into Cornwall). In 2013 they completed and opened the new low level North Channel Bridge and the old one is up for deconstruction, beginning later this month.

On Tuesday, the Seaway International Bridge Corporation opened the 1.6km (1 mile) bridge one last time for people to walk the length of it, enjoy the views and get a little history lesson. You used to be able to walk on the bridge many, many moons ago, but it's be closed to pedestrians for years. Most people had never walked the bridge so it was a great treat!

The SIBC was fantastic and even put up several history boards along the bridge with historical pics, info cards, newspaper clippings and fun facts. History class! I told Brianna "see?! School is everywhere" lol

A friend's son photo bombed the pic

The traffic circle that Brianna is pointing at is surrounded by empty fields. Now it's surrounded by Walmart, grocery stores, hotels and car dealerships.

Looking west

Looking east (Waterview Homeschool originated at our old house, next door to to those red roofed apartments).

Looking south, both the old and the new North Channel bridges

Looking north at both bridges. Our skyline will change completely once the bridge arch is gone

The SIBC even set up little benches for people to get their pictures taken at

A view from the top!

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  1. What a great field trip! I am so glad you linked up!