Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Country Study - Iceland

Next up, Iceland!

Sadly, our library only had 2 books on Iceland. Thankfully, we have the internet! It was still a pretty quiet country study :(

We got a cute puffin craft from Learn Create Love.

National Geographic provided us with another great video.

For our Icelandic food night, we decided on - Ofnsteiktur fiskur með lauk og osti - Icelandic fish casserole, Brúnaðar kartöflur - Caramelised potatoes, Icelandic brown bread, chocolate soup and pepper cookies.

Since we're studying Iceland, we figured snowflake cookies would be appropriate 
Caramelized Potatoes, Chocolate Soup and Fish Casserole
The food was a huge hit! Olivia, the world's pickiest eater has actually asked us to make the chocolate soup again (think not sweet hot chocolate)! The potatoes were a little too sweet in my opinion but the fish was fantastic. The pepper cookies have already been made again. Brianna ate at least half a loaf of the bread. I was originally a little wary of Icelandic foods, but with some looking around, we ended up with some great recipes!

Another country done!

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  1. I will have to check out the recipes you found. It is wonderful how you open up their world with new recipes.