Friday, October 26, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

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Brianna started her new Gr. 5 math book this week (sorry no link, my previous link for this book appears to be dead and I can't find another one). As with every time that we start a new workbook, she is amazed how simple the beginnings of the books are. I reminded her again, that most kids don't do any school work over the summer break so they need to spend the first while doing review. We school year round, so Brianna doesn't need review, but she loves getting some easy work for a while :)

We're starting to actually *read* sheet music. The beginning of the flute book that we're using (my flute book from high school, the link is of the current version) has the letters written within the notes, now the letters stop and it's regular sheet music. Brianna's having some issues learning it, not surprisingly, but she's slowly picking it up.

Brianna and Olivia also helped in doing some fall clean up in the yard. We got some Halloween bags filled with leaves, more of the garden pulled and some spring bulbs planted. A beautiful day to be outside!

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