Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

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The girls were happy to try out the French Dictionary of the review books we got. Right now my sister and I are using that book and the Living Languages set that we picked up earlier this year (which we had to start over as we ended up needing to take too long of a hiatus from it).

Music is becoming so much of a big part of our schooling that next week we'll actually be having Tanya come over on Tuesday (normally comes over Mon, Wed, Fri for school and the girls do French at her house on Tues and Thurs) for a special music class.

Olivia likes to "help" Brianna practice

I'm very concerned about Tanya's cadets right now. The cadet take part in the Santa Clause parade every year. I thought it would be cool for Tanya to be in it next year... no, she'll be in THIS year! This is a kid who never touched a flute before, can not read sheet music what so ever, and she's excepted to play the music in the picture below NEXT MONTH!

This (below) is the music Tanya and Brianna can actually do right now (actually this is their weekend assignment lol). As you can see, super simple, shows the fingerings, has the note letters written right on the notes. I played flute for 2 years and I don't think *I* could easily play the music above!

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