Tuesday, October 9, 2012

We Got a Guitar!

Today we were gifted a guitar by another homeschool family who's children outgrew it. Brianna is just tickled pink! She's talked about wanting to learn how to play a guitar for a few years now, but it's just never been in our budget to buy one.

So now we've got this guitar... problem is, I don't know how to play. My sister can play some chords, but outside of learning the notes, Brianna doesn't want to just play chords, she wants to play MUSIC!

She also thinks she can just pick it up and play by ear (and yes, I know this is *possible* but I've heard her, it's not for her lol)


  1. How great!!
    There has to be some tutorials and such on youtube or somewhere...
    My oldest has a keyboard, we had come to an agreement with another family that I would teach her kids French and she would teach my daughter piano. We did that for one year and it gave her the basics, now she can play more by ear.
    Maybe some kind of barter thing like that might work for you too? Just an idea :)

  2. I'm not *terribly* worried about it as I want to learn to play too. So I figure, I'll learn something, teach it to Brianna, then learn something new. But I already barter homeschooling with my sister. I homeschool my niece in most of her subjects and my sister teaches French :) I love bartering.