Saturday, October 6, 2012

Another Running Season Over

The girls last official race was Labour Day, but, as otherwise mentioned they also ran 10K for Terry Fox. Overall, the girls ran 27.5 kilometers in races. They also did many, many miles in training.

Now we're in winter training mode. The girls are alternating weeks with cardio workouts and yoga on top of doing 2 miles each week on the treadmill. We'll up it to "in-season" training again in April.

The girls showed so much improvement this year! When they first started running July 2011, they couldn't even make it around my block (.25km) without walking. Now they can run more than a mile without walking!

(Tanya in pink)
 Their 5K personal bests are:
Brianna - 5K, 38m 16s and 1 mile, 9m 11s
Tanya - 5K, 36m 55s and 1 mile, 9m 31s

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