Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Today my husband discovered that our cat, Timmy, had died overnight.

Hiding in mom's Snuggie
Timmy was born in my bedroom 2 months before Brianna was born. Timmy and Brianna grew up together.

His favorite place to be at our old house was the enclosed porch
Today has been a quiet day. School is the last thing on our mind. Tanya came over for her usual school day and she's been hanging out talking with Brianna.
Trying to bite open the elastics that held his food cupboard shut
Olivia, thankfully, is too young to really understand.
Trying to ignore the new little person (Olivia)
We've buried him behind our house and Brianna is planning to make a marker for him.
Guarding Olivia as she slept
Brianna loved putting little hats on him
He always wanted to get into Lee's beer cases
His favorite way to sleep, with his face pressed into a wall
When we got our new cat, Bacon, he tolerated her enough to let her sleep in the same room
And occasionally he'd just sleep ON her

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