Friday, June 6, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

This was a slow week as we dealt with upset tummies and more drama with Lee's chemical burns from work (a blog post all on it's own!).

Brianna's Brain Pop videos were:
- Penguins
- Fish (Brain Pop Jr)
- Basketball

We started on our new country study, this week on France. We'll finish it next week.

Brianna did ratios in math and, again, couldn't believe how easy they were. I'm glad that's she's found the last few units easy after the struggles she had previously. Now that she's done her English curriculum, we'll be doubling up on math until we drop to our lighter summer schedule. (After a mixture of not understanding {but refusing to ask for help} and some very shoddy work ethic, she repeated her entire Gr. 5 math curriculum. She's almost done now, but will finish that up and work on Gr. 6 over the summer)

I finally got Brianna reading age appropriate books. She has a very high reading level but kept choosing to read books in the Gr. 1-3 range. We finally found some young adult books that still covered the interests that she kept gravitating to in the lower level books. I also showed her that the library had a large selection of Lurlene McDaniel books (she found some of mine from when I was a teen and loves them! The ones that the library and I have are all about teens with cancer and such, so they are a little morbid, but they're well written).

We're going back to writing weekly book reports, but in a different manner than before. Previously, Brianna did a form style fill-in-the-blanks book report. She could have easily gotten the information by skimming the book quickly, which she started doing. Now, we're going to do more classic review style book reports. Since she has a lot of issues with putting her thoughts to paper, we'll be doing it dictation style with me typing on the computer while she speaks. This week she chose The Wide-Awake Princess by E.D. Baker.

My own homeschooling for the week was learning how to sew a ring sling and travel pouch with this great fabric!

Olivia mostly played on ABC Mouse this week and did a few things in her You Can Read program

Testing out our new M&D stamp set

Doing her puzzle words with her rice cakes

These ones were more difficult but she got them!
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