Friday, June 13, 2014

Country Study - France

Next up, randomly selected, is France! France took us 2 weeks as the first week was very slow due to various issues.

We started by reading Let's Visit France. It was a fantastic book as it even included several words in French with the pronunciation.

On our globe, Olivia first looked for the USA (for retention) then we looked for France. France of course was a lot harder to find as it's a much smaller country than the USA.

For our country study food we decided on Coq au Vin, gouda, camembert and brie with crackers, fresh real lemonade, baguettes and Bavarian creme for dessert. We had company over for supper too, so got to show off our homeschooling and fancy cooking skills.

Helping Grandma make baguettes

So we used Ritz and Triscut crackers. Sue me lol

Bavarian cremes aren't very pretty, but they sure taste good! Chocolate, banana and coffee flavours

I found some great videos for Brianna (they're a little "old" for Olivia) on Discovery and National Geographic. The Discovery one has multiple videos.

Olivia coloring her country report
Our Eiffel Tower made from wafer cookies can be found everywhere, but I originally saw it here. Ours was pink since we only had strawberry wafers. Brianna thought that was fantastic!

Construction... this project is a LOT harder than it looks lol

She gets right into her research lol
Another stamp in the passport!

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  1. What a great meal! France is such a fun country to study. Thanks for linking up.

  2. Oh I love your France study! I would have used Ritz and triscuits as well.