Saturday, May 31, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

Brianna's Brain Pop app vocabulary was on:
- Bridges
- Asthma (Brain Pop Jr. app)
- Customary Measurement
- Submarines

In finishing up our mapping from last week, Brianna drew a floor plan of our first floor to scale

Brianna is flying through dividing fractions. She asked me "is it supposed to be this easy?!" Works for me!!

Yay! Last week of our English curriculum!

We started our Country Studies, this week was the USA

Olivia finished up her Octonauts unit

She refused to color on any Octonauts that were on the dotted lines lol

Still having issues identifying some letters, on this page it was K

Two plus two is four!
Identifying letters (we did left to right so they were more mixed up). She did better than I thought! We'll be working on "Q", "U", "Y", "R", "G" for capitals and "q", "u", "y", "b", "f", "n", "r", "g", "d", "p" and "t" for lowercase.

We've started Olivia in with 1+1+1=1's You Can Read program. So now she has declared herself "big enough to read" lol

"Reading" The Velveteen Rabbit and the Boy

Adding picture to her You Can Read page

Olivia loved this dice and graph game!

I printed these pages 2 to a page so she can have a book with all of her words that she learns

Joshua decided to do his own nature study

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  1. I loved the glimpse of your have accomplished so much! I know how hard it is to get things done with little ones about. It will get easier!