Saturday, May 31, 2014

Country Study - USA

This week we studied the United States of America. While it was randomly selected by a name generator, I was happy with the choice as the US is our neighbour and through out the kids lives, they'll most likely, mostly need to know about the US outside of our own country.

We started by reading Exploring the United States and flipping through some other books from the library.

Peeking to find the USA
On Thursday we did our American food day. Because Americans eat foods that are either the same as or similar to what we eat, it actually took some trying to find something different! We settled on Ahola burgers (but with home made teriyaki sauce) with cheese fries (we DO eat those here, but we like them so added them to the menu lol), sweet tea (would you believe I have NEVER had iced tea made with real tea bags?!) and a chocolate cake decorated like the flag.

Decorating our flag cake

Yay! I love how it turned out!
Complete meal! It was all pretty great! The girls weren't fond of the sweet tea though
Brianna was right fascinated by Mount Rushmore. She thought it was super cool that it was a statue in a mountain! She talked about it several times over the week.

Google image
Olivia was amazed that Canada and the US shared the Rocky Mountains. At first she thought we each had a Rocky Mountains, but a quick trip to our textured globe showed her otherwise. (She then spent a while "petting" our globe LOL)

Google image

Painting our American flags

Brianna filling out the country report I made for her

Olivia's country report that I made (printed 2 to a page so she'll eventually have a book of all the countries we study)

First country complete and recorded in our passports!

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We were even featured over at All Things Beautiful! Thanks for checking out our blog!


  1. Well, I think you did a fantastic job representing my country...the USA! If you would like me to send you a postcard from Maryland, just send me your address.

  2. Your study was great! We study around the world off and on, and sometimes our studies go better than others.