Monday, May 19, 2014

Victoria Day 5K

Brianna and my husband, Lee, ran a 5K this morning with the Cornwall Multisport Club. Brianna runs with them frequently, but last year, for the Labour day race, Lee joined her. The race they do on Victoria Day and Labour Day is a "chase". Here's what the CMS site says about it:

"What is a 5k Chase?  The Victoria Day 5k Chase allows for gender/age neutrality.  Your start time is based on your Age and Gender.  The first person to cross the finish line is the winner of the race.
The race [start] times were determined by using the 67% for each age group from this age grading website."

Brianna had a side stitch for most of the race, something we need to work on as that was her problem with her race 2 weeks ago.

Lee did fantastic for it being only his 2nd race since grade school. He ran the entire first lap (2.5km) and most of the 2nd.
The ended up with times of 31 minutes, 24 seconds (Lee) and 45 minutes, 59 seconds (Brianna). Lee plans to start regularly training with Brianna for short runs. I think it'll be a great bonding time!

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