Monday, May 5, 2014

Menu/Fitness Plan Monday

So, I figure since Joshua's almost a year old (!!!!), I can't really use the excuse of "I just had a baby" any more. Time to get off my ass and stop shoving so much crap in my mouth!

I do one of my fitness goals already - to walk 500 miles in 2014. You can join me if you make a free account at DailyMile. So far I've done 28 miles. Seems like nothing, but winter really only ended last month and I walk a LOT in the spring/summer/fall. So I'm hoping 500 miles won't be too lofty of a goal!

My ultimate weight goal is 150lbs. I'm not really that far. I haven't weighed myself in TOO long though, so maybe I'm further than I think! I don't believe in quick fixes or diets, so my weight loss will come by upping my exercise and eating healthier foods (and less food in general, I'm a bit of a hoover lol).

My menu plans are a rough guesstimate. I don't often "feel" like what I've planned lol But this is generally what we'll eat this week.

Marinated steak, cheese pasta and corn

Apple pork tenderloin, stuffing and mixed veggies

Lentil tacos


Sloppy Joes (yeah, I know, so healthy!)

Brianna's cooking

Serve Yourself

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