Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Teacher Talks

Stopped in after school to talk to Brianna's teachers about homeschooling. I wouldn't say they were thrilled with the idea, but neither balked at it either. 

Her English teacher said that because her time there was over the same day as Brianna (the other teacher is coming back from maternity leave), that all projects hope to be done by then. But she has no problem gathering Brianna's work and such for next Thursday. She even said that I can have the math text she's working in since otherwise it'll just be garbaged (they work with in the book so it's not like it can be reused by another student). She's also going to send home her English workbook so I can see what Brianna has already done this year.

Her French teacher was a great help in the area that troubles me the most. She said that she'd get together a list of websites and workbooks that she recommends so I can continue in Brianna's French. She will also gather together any finished or in the middle of work that Brianna's done.

Now all I have left is to count down the days until we're officially homeschooling! Only 12 more days!

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