Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holy Busy!

I've totally slacked in the blogging department with the start of homeschooling. We're now just over a week into homeschooling. We've had some rough days, today being one of them, but we're making it through. It's testing my patience a LOT to work through the school mentality Brianna has and try to get it out of her. Right now, the school mentality pissing me off is working. I get very frustrated. I'm pretty good about walking away when it gets to me but sometimes I blow up before the walk away part *blush*

I KNOW it will get better with time, it's just a matter of getting through this rough start. She IS doing really good with our daily stuff, weather tracking, writing a descriptive story about a picture and her math speed challenge (flash cards). It's just some of the other stuff. 

I am proud to say she is a zillion times better at telling time now!!! I found great blank clock sheets at donnayoung.org and we worked on them pretty well every day. She's almost done her time unit and I'm pretty confident she'll ace her test for it.

I also got her a French workbook. I got Gr. 1 level because we have to find out where she is. Can't remember if I blogged about this before... because she was in Immersion she's not in Gr. 3 for French. There's no such thing as Immersion workbooks so we have a choice between workbooks made for a French child doing their regular work in each grade or workbooks for an English child who is starting to learn French. Well Brianna's not JUST learning French, she's been in 1/2 day French since she was 4! Brianna seems to think there's something wrong with doing Gr. 1 workbooks, but I've assured her that if she thinks it's too easy, we'll move to Gr. 2 and so on.

I have a picture of our first day that I wanted to add but Blogger is being a PITA tonight!

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