Thursday, October 13, 2016

Universal Yums

The Hmmm...schooling Mom wrote a blog post about Universal Yums a while ago and I knew this would be something my kids would love. And it ties perfectly to our Country Studies!

Thankfully, in Canada, we are considered international so we get our boxes later than the US. Which means I get to find out what country is coming up this month so I can plan a country study around it.

When you first open the box you see a tissue paper flag (which I thought was awesome) and a little information book. The information book gives you some info on the country, some fun trivia and and explanation of what each snack is. 

We signed up for the smaller snack box which promises a minimum of 6 snacks. Clearly, they are very generous with their "minimum of 6" as we got 9 different snacks and a total of 17 items!

I was worried about Olivia, the crazy picky eater not getting any enjoyment out of this as we struggle to get her to try basic foods let alone foods that "look weird" or have another language on the packaging. 

She really impressed me though! She actually tried *everything*. There were items she didn't like but didn't let that discourage her from trying the next item.

Here is her "super spicy face" (not surprisingly, being Thailand, there were a few spicy snacks. This was her face towards the bread sticks, yet she ended up eating almost the whole box!

Brianna is a big food lover like me so I knew the monthly snack boxes would be right up her alley. Here she's testing the spicy sesame peanuts. "They're not *bad* but the sesame makes them wrong!"

Brianna's favorite item was the coconut chips.

Olivia had a tie for favorite items being the garlic bread toast (basically garlic melba toast) and strawberry wafers.

My favorite item was the tea drink (sorry, no pic). It was similar in flavour and texture to a milkshake. It instructed to drink it hot or cold, we went for warm.

The girls loved this addition to our Country Studies and look forward to the next box. While it's a money spending thing (and I'm a super frugal person), it's totally worth it!

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