Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Top Ten Things To Drive Me Crazy

I've been meaning to start doing the iHomeschool Network's Tuesday Top 10s but kept forgetting or getting distracted. So I figured I'd start with a slightly sillier one.

Top Ten Things to Drive me Crazy
(specifically, my kids, in our homeschool life)

1. Skipping assignments and thinking I won't notice. Really? I check your work! I *will* know you didn't do it. And claiming to have completed assignments that require my assistance (read alouds and such)? Um. I know I didn't do it, so how could you have?

2. Pretending you don't know it's school time. Sure, Joshua can't tell time. But his school time doesn't have a set time. However, both Brianna and Olivia know how to tell time, so 10am is pretty easy to know. Especially since we have 7 various clocks in the areas they spend time in in the morning.

3. Humming or otherwise making distracting noises that you recently told your sibling to stop doing. And you wonder why your sibling won't stop when you ask...

4. Whining about your sibling having different types/amounts of schoolwork. You're 7 years apart. Even in the subjects you do together, the *work* is going to be different!

5. Checking facebook when you're supposed to be doing xyz. *cough*Brianna*cough* I'm fairly certain your research on Leukemia isn't giggle worthy... that would be a meme.

6. Claiming that your chore is done when you have grabbed no cleaning products. I may be working but the cleaning closet is on one side of me and the room you're cleaning is on the other. You never passed me...

7. Whining about a sibling "playing" on the computer while you have to do schoolwork. *cough*Olivia*cough* Your sister's schoolwork is ON the computer!

8. *Still* doing schoolwork at 10pm because you piddled around all day. Dude. Do. Your. Schoolwork.

9. Grabbing a snack at snack time when you slept late so just ate breakfast 10 minutes ago. My kids live for food. All. The. Time. So we have set snack times. Sorry, you don't get to eat breakfast at 10am, snack at 10:30am then lunch. You aint hungry.

10. There's not enough hours in the day. Seriously, this one is the worst. I'm not asking a lot, just like 2 or 3 more hours. I'd get SO much more done!

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