Monday, October 3, 2016

Tot School - Week 4

Waaay late posting this week!

Joshua is continuing to love school and often asks for it long before I've had enough coffee to process the request. This week we worked on some fine motor skills (like lacing pony beads on pipe cleaners, not pictured). 

This was his first time working with a glue stick. He was pretty excited and did fairly well!

He loves reading stories. I have a bunch of these little tot school story books that he loves, as well as actual books.

One of the great things about homeschooling is I don't always have to be the teacher. Here he's showing off his school work to Grandma and then our neighbour

We live next to a furniture store and our side yard butts up to their cement wall. Instant jumbo drawing wall! None of their customers see this wall (unless they're in my yard lol) so they don't mind. Brianna was drawing circles for Joshua, his current favorite shape, and he drew a one in front of a zero and informed her that it was ten. Then started making his own 10s. The Y looking thing next to the 10 he's drawing was his drawing of a 9.

Joshua had a grand time with friends (seen here in red) at my niece's birthday party. There were 3 other kids his age and a giant field to run in. The bonfire proved to be interesting with 4 toddlers, but everyone managed to stay safe.

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