Friday, February 26, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up - Feb 26th

I'm testing out a new format for Weekly Wrap Up, so bear with me. I'm going to list out our activities per subject to get a better understanding of what we may be missing. This is more for me lol

We got a new computer this week so probably did less schoolwork than we should have while I figured out Windows 10.

It was my birthday on Thursday, so no school (we take off all household birthdays), so we played 3 way Minecraft almost all day. Productive? No. But it was fun lol

Math: Brianna is working on percents. I love that discounts and taxes is a big part of this chapter as it has almost daily real life aspect to it. Olivia is speeding through her adding and subtracting review chapter.

English: Olivia's copy writing this week is writing out O Canada. She's taken to singing it often and almost knows all of it. She's also working through a quick phonics book to review some of the letter sounds she has issues with

Science: Olivia finished up her Senses unit, covering smell and taste this week. We also read The Senses that we got from the library. She was not a fan of the smell of most of my essential oils and was not a fan of the taste challenge at all (not surprisingly with how picky she is).

Geography/History: Brianna looked up and drew a picture of our "latitude twin", Bordeaux, France. She remembered how to tell if a location was north or south of us, just by looking at her daylight graphs.

Olivia told us about the tundra and permafrost at the poles. Then decided she was going to watch Happy Feet and March of the Penguins to remember more about the South Pole

French: Brianna has been really excelling at French, coming up with her own sentences with words she's learned. Olivia is busy absorbing and questioning (which helps Brianna since she can't just spew out French words, she has to know the English translation to answer Olivia's questions)

Health/Phys Ed.: We got snow and ice this week, so me and the girls worked together to shovel ours and our neighbour's walkways and driveways. Brianna did her cardio workout twice and ran on the treadmill once for her running training.

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  1. That's how I write out our weekly wrap up too; I find it really helps ME to divide it by subject and see which weeks we missed one and remind me that other weeks we'll double up.