Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Joshua's Speech Update

The parent to child class that Lee and I have been taking haven't really done much as we were already doing majority of the "techniques" at home. Joshua HAS improve since last May when we first started this speech delay path. Of course, now, at over 2 1/2 and still not speaking, he is considered mute or non-verbal rather than simply speech delayed.

We met, again, with a speech pathologist for an assessment. She agrees that Joshua is improving and even thinks that he may start speaking real words within a few months. However, she agrees (as we've known from the beginning) that he'll need one-on-one speech therapy. Because of his more advanced age and the fact that he is still non-verbal, she's going to try to push him into the earlier sessions of therapy that begin this month or next, instead of waiting until "his" group, which wouldn't start therapy until May/June.

Joshua's current list of communication is: 4 "words" (num num, uh uh, woah and yuck) and 40 signs (24 of which he signs on his own with no prompting).

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