Monday, February 22, 2016

New Computer!

I got a new computer yesterday and finished setting it up and transferring files today. I had an hour or so of sweating while I was transferring all the school files, praying to the computer gods not to kill my gazillions of files.

It's still a "bottom of the line" computer (because I'm cheap) but it's a big upgrade from our previous 6 year old bottom of the liner. Twice the storage space and seems way faster too! It'll help a lot with the kids school projects and various programs that require something a little beefier.

The old computer will eventually become a family computer that the kids can run Khan Academy on and play their learning software (like Reader Rabbit) that doesn't require high speeds and great graphics. I just gotta finish cleaning it off and getting a new monitor for it.

*runs around excitedly*

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