Saturday, January 30, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up - Jan 29th

My first wrap up in over a year and I'm already late! My excuse, it was my mom's birthday yesterday so I was busy....

Brianna re-started working on Khan Academy after a few months. She had been getting frustrated at the topics she had been covering, so we dropped back to just her "paper math" (Math Mammoth). Over that break, I started allowing the use of a calculator for speed purposes. She knows how to do all basic math, on paper and often in her head. However, I noticed that when she was trying to rush, she might put a number one decimal point over and end up getting the question wrong. Since using the calculator her grades have improved along with her general attitude towards math.

Olivia finished up her Food Groups unit this week. It was a learning experience for both of us. Olivia is beyond an extreme picky eater. She has a very short list of acceptable foods and will honestly starve herself to illness if she doesn't want to eat something. Part of this unit was tracking servings across the food groups. While she is severely lacking in the vegetable dept (she won't eat ANY unless it's a fruit/veggie juice or rarely, spinach in a fruit smoothie), she does eat majority of her servings, most days. I found a cute little workbook that covered all the food groups. Olivia's favorite part of the unit was creating a real food food pyramid from our fridge and pantry.

Joshua had another speech assessment. He is improving in the sense of communication but he is still essentially considered mute. He has approx 30 signs and 4 kind-of words (num num, woah, uh uh and yuh (yuck)). Because he is still not speaking and will be 3 in June, he will be set up with weekly speech therapy. The speech lady that we're currently dealing with is going to try to push him into the sessions that start next month, as opposed to the ones his group of assessments is in (April/May).

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