Sunday, January 31, 2016

No Technology?!?!

I read a blog post, which lead me to this article about what happens when children spend 8 hours without technology.

No technology. No internet. No Facebook. No smartphone games. No TV playing endlessly in the background. Honestly, I'm more worried about me than the kids! I run my business online. I do zillions of school things online. I play brainless apps on my phone.

But I think it'll be an interesting experiment. Since we'll be away from the house on and off until Tuesday, I'm going to put it off until then, so we'll be home and get the full effect. So Tuesday, no tech day. From wake up until bedtime. None of this 8 hours crap. Full day of torture! *evil laugh*

I will pin this experiment on screen-type technologies. I'll still use my washing machine and my stove and the like. Silence has always given Brianna and I anxiety (we have several radios in our house that play 24/7 as background noise), so radios will stay on as I'm not looking to set anyone up to fail. But no phones, tablets, TVs, computers, ect....

Brianna may hate me....

I may hate me... especially after the kids go to bed. My wind down, internet surfing time.

UPDATE: Results here!

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