Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wilderness Wednesday

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This first set of pics are courtesy of Tanya, who stole the camera during breaks while her and Brianna were doing their running training.

Cornwall Island

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The Mallards are very populous and friendly around here 

Even though we're not technically by the sea, we have a lot of seagulls

We've also been very busy with our garden this past week!

Our garden was severely under-nourished (still is IMO!) so we added 20 bags of top soil, 5 bags of sheep manure and 2 bags of peat moss. I can't wait til the fall and next spring to add homemade compost!

Putting Brianna to work
Hubby found a pair of mating worms. I must say I never put much thought into how worms reproduce but Lee was so proud of the picture he took "for my blog" lol

Hubby, my muscles ;)

Now putting Tanya to work

Each girl have planted their own garden box this year

They are completely responsible for them... weeding, watering, ect...

More of my muscles... with Olivia supervising :)

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