Monday, May 7, 2012

Tot School - Letter H

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Olivia is 34.5 mths

She loves free hand drawing and will tap her chin with the pencil/crayon saying "what to draw? what to draw?" 

While she's still not terribly interested in worksheets lately, she loved the H one and had to "paint the fingernails"

Learning that you can't drag the ferrets for their walk

Very intently coloring her hippo

She also seems bored with the pre-writing pages (but also has no interest in tracing actual letters/numbers) 

She loves squishing Play Doh, but when it comes to making stuff, that's still all up to Mommy.

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  1. She has wonderful fine-motor control. My oldest was a worksheet nut from the start. My youngest will tolerate them in small doses. lol

    Popping in from Tot school.