Thursday, May 17, 2012


The girls were over the moon to find a crayfish exoskeleton in the river while searching for rocks for my garden.

Even Hubby said it's the biggest one he every saw

The girls were quite fascinated by this crayfish and school that day morphed from worksheets to taking notes and magnifying glasses (I love homeschooling!)

What?! Doesn't everyone have a dead crayfish preserved in alcohol on their dining room table?
We've been to several field trips with the River Institute, so the girls knew it would need to be preserved. Now granted, we don't have special fluids or containers, but a glass jar from the dollar store and rubbing alcohol does the job in a pinch!

Taking notes was their choice. Other than looking up what books the library had, I haven't done nor "assigned" anything. Child-led learning at it's finest!
We snatched up the only 2 books the library had on crayfish and the girls poured over them and examined their specimen some more. Their educated guess is that this crayfish is a White Clawed Crayfish

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