Friday, February 10, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

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This was Brianna and Olivia's first week back to scheduled school since November and my niece Tanya's first week ever!

Monday - Today was a lot of explaining how the girls' Daily Binders worked and explaining a lot of general homeschool stuff to Tanya. Other than distracting each other a little too much for my liking, they seem to be working well together! Tanya so far shows extra work needed in multiplying decimals and money.

Tuesday - Today we finally got to get all the data for all 10 Mystery Locations in our Journey North class. Most of the times were within a few hours of one another, but Location #6 had a sun set after midnight and the girls are quite excited about learning where this location it!

Wednesday - Today we played a fun money game. The girls each started out with $5 and either gained or paid out money according to the cards they drew. Both girls begged to play again and again so I guess I'll be laminating the cards!

Thursday - Thursday was a slow day as Tanya did school at home today. Tanya brought home work for today with her on Wednesday and Brianna did some more review.

Friday - We got our 2nd set of clues for Mystery Class and graphed them out. One of the side things this course teaches that I like is military or 24 hr time. They get a little side lesson on learning how to tell military time into a 12 hr clock since I'm mean and give them the sunset data in 12 hr time but the pre-written graphs are in military time.

Now I've got to do marking and get prepped for next week!


  1. What is this Journey North thing? Fascinating. Do they do this every year? I am thinking for next year. My kids will be 9 and 7 then. Would it be age appropriate for them with their dad's help?

  2. This is our first year and it's pretty cool in my opinion! You're given 10 mystery locations around the world (not even the teacher/parent knows the locations) and via sunrise/sunset data, longitude and latitude and various other clue offered through the "course" you get closer and closer to finding out where these locations are. My girls are 9 and 11 so a bit older than yours, but if they are interested in geography and have help I don't see why they wouldn't like it!

  3. Looks like a productive enjoyable week. Getting new supplies and things organized are my favorite part of the new school year.