Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up x2

I totally forgot about posting my weekly wrap up last week, so here's both in one! Linking up with Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers!

Week 1

Monday - Valentine's Day activities! The girls made book marks and marshmallow pops.

Tuesday - Tanya left her school work here, so just did some worksheets at home about St. Valentine. Brianna worked on correcting punctuation and capitalization.

Wednesday - Brianna's sick, so has the day off and Tanya's work load doubled to catch up from yesterday. She's also did the English portion of the "year end" test for Gr. 3. Not surprisingly, she got 96%

Thursday - We finally got to the journal pages from the Mystery Class for last week. This time we had to find other places that we're at our same latitude and draw a picture about what it's like there. Brianna chose Bogota, Colombia and Tanya chose Baracoa, Cuba. Tanya's location picture has mysteriously disappeared :(

I later realized that *I* had screwed up and taught the girls longitude and latitude reversed! Hence the reason that the girls chose Cuba and Colombia for their sister cities. *blush* The made new pictures after this realization.

Friday - Since Tanya did so well in the Gr. 3 reading test, I had her skip right to the Gr. 4 test. Again, not surprisingly, she got 93%. We got the new photo periods for Mystery Class and I had the girls sort the graphs into Northern and Southern Hemispheres.

We also finally got a good world wall map!

Week 2

Monday: Tanya was sick so stayed home and came in Tuesday instead. Brianna worked on some work sheets and we tried out a science project. The point was to show how different food dyes in candy are more or less attracted to salt. We used different colored Skittles for the candy and a special salt to water ratio mixture.

Somehow we must have not used enough color or too much water and it didn't streak up the coffee filter paper like it was supposed to :(

Tuesday: Discovered Tanya is seriously lacking in the punctuation dept. Particularly quotation marks. However, she did very well in the fractions sheets I gave her.

Wednesday: Brianna worked on some temperature worksheets she was having issues reading the minus side of the thermometer (reading in the wrong direction as in -42C instead of -38C). Tanya did the Gr. 4 written test. She got 75%. Lisa and I both agree on the girls working on a mastery method rather than just cruising along like the public schools do. So anything with less than an 85% needs more work on. Tanya's problems with the written test, we expected - punctuation and grammar.

Thursday: Today was Brianna's turn for punctuation. She surprisingly did very good! I thought she'd miss a bunch, since we had an issue with it last year, but just a few commas here and there!

Friday: Tanya completed the first book report for the girls reading challenge (they have a reading list that they can choose books at their reading level or higher and write book reports for each book. When they fill the page, 25 books, they get to pick any novel they like at the book store for us to buy them). She wrote a very well written, full of detail report. I'm quite happy with it and will use it as a model if either girls slack off in the full report department.

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