Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tot School - Letter A

Olivia is 30.5 mths old

Practicing her pre-writing
We took a long hiatus on concentrated schooling, both with Olivia and Brianna, due to me launching my business, moving and Christmas.

Did pretty darn well on the A!
Of course, 2 year olds don't seem to know how to stop learning lol so even with a long break in "school" she's still quite a bit ahead of where we left off!

She so loves these stickers!
Because of the fact that we stopped regular work for so long, we're starting back at the beginning. This round we're focusing on identifying capital and lower case letters and pre-writing.

Schooling in a toque :)
With a few weeks in between for random review, I estimate we'll be through the alphabet by end of Aug/start of Sept, in which we'll start all over again but this time focusing on the letter sounds and actually writing the letters.

Loving her wooden puzzles. They seem to be too easy though, so I'm needing to get some that are a little more difficult!
Olivia madly loves her schoolwork (as seen below). Her favorite item right now is (again, pictured below) the Crayola Dry-Erase Activity Center. It comes with 10 pages and 4 markers, so even when she doesn't have one of her letter of the week pages in it, it always has the ones that came with it.

She flew downstairs after a bath and grabbed her "schoolwork" as she calls it and hid beside the deep freeze so no one would see her and take it from her LOL
Pardon the crappy picture

I got a zillion free trial codes for Reading Eggs and Olivia thinks it's fun. We've never really done anything on the computer with her before so this is all fancy lol

She really liked this shape page and wanted to do it often
My hope, since she won't be in public school and having children there telling her that she should think differently, is that she'll forever keep this love of learning.

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