Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wilderness Wednesday

I'm sneaking this post in 8hrs late!

This week we spent a lot of harvesting time in the garden. Plucked about 80 tomatoes, load of peppers, cucumbers galore and another HUGE zucchini. In this are of the world we don't have a large span of time for gardening, typically end of May until mid October.

We did however get a huge stash of compost this year and everything in the gardens have been supersized!

Yes those are thigh high impatients. Impatients (at least in our area, and I grow them every year) typically grow to be 4 to maybe 6 inches high. Brianna is a tall 9 year old too. And all of them are this big!

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  1. So glad you are up and running! I will join in tomorrow. We are beginning nature studies in earnest this year.

    Have you thought about linking your Wilderness Wednesday at "No Ordinary Blog Hop"?