Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Not Back to School!

We had loads of fun at our local homeschool group's Not Back to School picnic. Brianna was especially happy to hear that since we can't do homeschool soccer anymore that we'll be going swimming instead!

Olivia loved helping with the calendar and Brianna is ok with the new vocabulary work. We'll do journaling tonight, but I'm sure she'll enjoy that.

I bought a bunch of new ebooks through Currclick and can't wait to check them out!!!

Here is our *very flexible* schedule:
10am - Calendar time
10:10am - Choose and organize work for the day/vocabulary
10:30am - Brianna's independent work while I work with Olivia
11am - Continued independent work or move onto together work
12pm - lunch
1pm - Olivia down for nap, Brianna finishes any school work then co-operative reading and math quiz
2pm - Olivia's up/free time
8pm - Olivia bed/Brianna journal

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