Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

Monday - No school for Brianna and my niece Tanya's first 5K. The group they ran with is the Cornwall Multisport Club and we're tempted to join for the 2012 year as the family rate is amazing and all the races that we would have to pay for are free if you're a member. Brianna's time was 52 minutes 1 second and Tanya's was 53 minutes 5 seconds.

Tuesday - This morning we had our Not Back to School picnic with our local HS group. Brianna loved seeing the group kids again as we didn't have any meet ups during the summer. We met a a local conservation area and went for a hike on the trails there. Brianna found loads of different mushrooms/fungus along the way. We had never gone hiking there before and it's about half the distance of the place we normally hike, so I can see going there often!

Wednesday - In science we did an evaporation experiment. This showed me just how much further than Gr. 3 Brianna is in science. We had to half fill a bottle with water, mark the water line, put the cap on and place it in the sun to watch the evaporation process. Brianna knew from the get go that the water level wouldn't change because the lid was on thus keeping the water in the bottle. However, she loves the little experiments so much that we're still going with the Gr. 3 level. We start the Gr. 4 level of the series next month and I'm wondering if even that will be far enough ahead for her.

Thursday - Brianna finished up her flag/bird/flower pages for her Canada book, now it's just a matter of putting it together. She also started the multiplication supplement book I got for her. OMG, waaaay too simple. She'll be through it in less than 2 weeks at this pace *sigh*

Friday - Brianna finished her Gr. 4 French book today. I have yet to mark her final review (bad teacher!), but by just flipping through it, it looks pretty good. I do have to mark it soon though so i know if she needs some more Gr. 4 review or if I should go buy the Gr. 5 book.

Over the weekend my mom started teaching Brianna how to do plastic canvas. Brianna's making a treasure box for her trinkets.

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  1. I love the title of your blog and description. I've been homeschooling my children since 1999 and I still bumble through. I only have one left at home and she is 15, and still be do so.
    Every year I change the way I do things, and this is year 12! (I have 3 older children but they are grown up with families of their own. So much in fact that I have 9 grandchildren!)