Saturday, July 9, 2011

Brianna's 1st Race

Today Brianna did her first race with her cousins. We only found out about it on Thursday, but Brianna was all excited to do it and when her cousins found out about it, they wanted to join her too! Brianna thought it would be great practice for her triathlon next month, of course, I agreed!

Now Brianna's a sprinter. She's super fast for short distances, she's not really good at endurance for longer distances, we're working on it. Today's race was 1.25km (.77 miles). We've powerwalked 3km on a fairly regular basis, but never ran anything more than a quarter km.

So we discussed how it was not important that she came in first place. It wasn't even important if she came in last place. If she was tired, she could walk. As long as she finished.

Look! It's a real race number!

Brianna and her cousin's before the race

Starting line
About 1/2 way through
Final stretch!
Race time (minus 4 seconds cause the camera didn't want to work properly!)

That was HARD!
Nursing her first racing injuries. She got tripped up almost right out of the gate and was the bottom of a 3 kid pile up
Her and her cousins with their participation medals