Sunday, July 17, 2011

Isaac's 12th Birthday!

Ok, so it was yesterday, but I was gone all day and didn't have the energy to post at midnight!

12 years ago my first born and only birth son was born. After 84 hours (yes that's hours) of labour, a screaming 8lb 10oz baby made his way into the world.

*Again Note: There's a few years missing where we lost our entire harddrive. Also, pardon the pics of pics*

First day home from the hospital

Classic Sketti shot

1st Birthday

Meeting Brianna for the first time!

Decorated for Christmas!

One of our favorite pics

Go Sens Go!

First day of Kindergarten

My favorite pic of the 2 of us

First Autograph!

Indiana Jones

First time meeting Olivia!

Isaac chose Baritone for Music class

Happy 12th Birthday!

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